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This page last updated:- 19 Nov 2013


CTISAD Disability and Needs Awareness Project 2011-2014

April 2017 Update:-

This page below the bar has not been updated since Nov 2013. This is because nothing has happened in the project since then. (Though things have happened eslewhere.) Judith Allinson writes:

"Have you got any suggestions? (Especially if you live in Settle and District) Do email

Maybe it is because we and our church buildings are all improved so don't need it any more.

I would still be keen to take up issues and develop the project if others are interested. Please let me know - and I can contact others in the CTISAD committee and in CTISAD in general.

I suggested having, as a Churches Together event, a "Dementia Friendly Church - Workshop" - How the church can be more friendly and usable both for people living with dementia and their carers" -, but although there was some support for this, there was not enough for me to think it is worth organising. If four more people had said "Yes I am interested" it would have reached enough for me to have organised something.

However, other things are happening:-

Churches Together Big Breakfast will be: Sat 20th May Big Settle Breakfast, 8.30am at Catholic Church Hall: Speaker: Settle Dementia Action Alliance

Phillipa and Stephen Normanton and others in the Methodist Church have been involved in setting up the national organisation "Peer talk" - Facing Depression Together" - Next national event: Warrington 20 May






The DAN project was officially adopted by the Churches Together Committee on 7 Feb 2012

"A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another." John 13 v 34

The latest event was a Talk on Dementia and Alzheimers held in April 2013.

If you would like a report of a summary of the discussion at this meeting contact J.A. at

The next event (date to be confirmed) will be a talk/discussion session/poetry reading on Mental Health







Resources produced so far
  dan-q.doc Questionnaire Nov 2011
  dan-01.doc Tips from Questionnaire i.e. Bright Ideas about helping others with needs- collected from Settle area people Early Nov 2011
  dan-02.doc Tips from Questionnaire Nov 2011
  dan-03.doc Tips from Questionnaire Dec 2011
  dan-04.doc Tips from Questionnaire Jan 2012
    See articles in Settle Community News and in Ribblesdale Parish Magazine. March 2012
Poster for DAN talk on 18 April April 2012
  dan-tip-01.pdf Dan Tip 1 Poster April 2012
  dan-press-release.doc Press Release April 2012
  alzheimers-poster Poster for DAN talk on Alzheimers on 18 April 2013 March 2013


1. There are a lot of people who need help for various reasons in our churches and in our communities. As people live longer, there are getting to be more people who need help
2. If everyone could be 10% more helpful it would be better.
3. Often people do not give others help because they are not aware that help is needed - both sides do not communicate enough - do not ask, or do not listen - or they are too shy or too busy or too ignorant to offer (or ask for) help.
4. If we could raise awareness generally it should be helpful.

2) AIMS -

The aims of this project are to
Give opportunity for people to

  1. Say what they need
  2. Say how disability provision in their churches could be improved
  3. Learn tips that could help people look after other people better
  4. Get more confidence in offering to help look after other people

As a result

  1. Use a questionnaire which might facilitate better communications amongst church members
  2. Have  an  interesting  series of talks.
  3. Produce some articles for Settle Community News
  1. We don't want to raise people’s expectations too much
  2. It will be work to collate the responses.

Questionnaire If you live in or near Settle, and especially if you attend a CTISAD church, please download the questionnaire and answer those questions that are relevant and send the results to (Paste the questionnaire into an email if that helps)

The most useful suggestions are being put into information sheets. As you will see from the sheets dan-01.doc to dan-04.doc . I am generally putting in the quoted suggestions anonymously - but if you would like to have your name put next to a suggestion, please tell me.

We invite churches to print some of the quotes in their newsletters - See table on the right.


If you live in or near Settle and would like to receive emails with News about Churches Together events and news of this project then email


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