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Pictures of 40th Anniversary Dinner 17 June 2006

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Other nearby clubs:
White Rose Ladies Farsley, Leeds, (and their other website)




Fun BBC Recording:- Even leaders of our political parties have training and guidance in giving speeches.. see the leaked memo (Oct 2010) advising Ed Miliband how to ask questions in Prime Minister's Question Time.

10 March 2014


The Vice President introduces the meeting

Relaxing after the meeting 10 March 2014

Relaxing after a special joint meeting 10 March 2014




A new member is presented her copy of the Speakers Guide by the president of Craven Speakers Club 2013







Craven Speakers Club September 2011

Coffee Break 2011



Above: Table-top sale in April 2013 in Shipley Library to raise funds

Next Sale - at Skipton 10 May 2014


craven speakers club 2010 guideHere on November 15th 2010 one member (the web editor) has brought some Cool Earth Coffee for the Group to try - buying one jar of CoolEarth Coffee will save one tree in the Amazon. Read more..

A member at the back is holding the Speakers Club Guide




Contact us on: 01535 662441 or 07941 785340



Speakers clubs are for ordinary people - like you.

  1. Wedding Speeches
  2. Reading the Psalms at church
  3. Chairing a committee meeting
  4. Raising a point at a meeting
  5. Becoming less shy in ordinary conversations
  6. Patter for introducing a song that you are going to sing/play.
  7. Explaining to people why climate change or species extinctions are important.
  8. Gain confidence generally

You may be shy and think "I am too shy to speak so I don't need to go to a speakers club" - but you would be mistaken - Speakers Club is for you - the other people there are very encouraging - you will lose your shyness.

You may think "I have done lots of public speaking, I am already very good" - not quite right - other members will be able to point out (politely) quirks that you had not noticed, as well as highlighting the good points.

If you are a young person -JOIN now - the skills you learn will last a lifetime

If you are older - you can still improve your skills to help other people - and you'll have lots of fun at the meetings

You might consider coming in from: Skipton, Gargrave, Settle, Cononly, Keighley, Addingham,
Hellifield, Barnoldswick, Harrogate, Denholme, Silsden, Malham, Embsay,
Steeton, Kildwick, Bradley, Bradford, North and West Yorkshire,

The Association of Speakers Clubs is similar to the Toastmasters International organisation.
Toastmasters formed in America in 1904. In 1972 Most of the British Toastmasters Clubs
left Toastmasters and formed the Association of Speakers Clubs.

Other clubs include: Wetherby Speakers Club , White Rose Ladies Farsley, Leeds,
Bradford Speakers Club (and their other website)

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