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Easter Morning

April 23rd 2000: Christians in Settle, in the Yorkshire Dales, celebrate the Easter Sunday in the year 2000 by Meeting at 6.30 am. at the foot of Castleberg.. to meet the Risen Lord.
Sun 23 April Daffodils beside path as the disciples meet

At 6.30am the basin of Ribblesdale was clothed in early morning mist. The higher hills are bathed in early morning sunlight. We walk up the limestone path and just before the grassy area we see three empty crosses high on a rock wall...

... and below a golden coloured cloth (spread on the wooden bench) with a few green leaved shoots placed on it. We read how Mary and the disciples found the empty tomb.

Did the birds sing as loudly on that first Easter Morning in Jerusalem as they do for us?

We sing a joyful Easter hymn to the tune Onward Christian soldiers..

pose for a group photo..

.. and are entertained to a splendid breakfast at Zion Congregational Chapel.

After breakfast a quick walk up to the top of Castleberg. There is still some mist below, and the town is still quiet before people have gotten up.

The sun shines on the Blackthorn at the summit. Jesus's crown of thorns in bloom?

A Happy Easter to everyone who visits this site.
And may the peace of God go with you.

Join us for a similar pilgrimage on 9 April 2007 - 6.30 am

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